CFS has developed an excellent reputation in litigation and dispute resolution which continues to be one of the firm’s core practice areas. CFS handles all types of dispute resolution, whether arbitration, negotiation, mediation or the popular litigation; particularly in the commercial, corporate, industrial, financial, family, property and personal disciplines.


Our extent of participation in these areas simultaneously gives us a whole depth of experience and expertise, and ingenuity to discover appropriate approach to particular disputes.



The disputes we handle are significant and strategic thinking is always in the forefront. We ensure we understand our clients’ business needs and work with them to achieve their commercial objectives.

The fact that clients do not enter into litigation by choice is very appreciated in CFS, but as the last and, by then, the best resort. Notwithstanding, our goal is to reach a quick, definitive effective and fortunate

The focus of this area of our practice is the servicing of the other areas of our practice with respect to dispute resolution. We represent clients before National Courts and Arbitral Tribunals both domestic and international.


Two senior partners of CFS are MCIArb United Kingdom. We have acted in concert with our consulting partner in a Nigerian arbitration involving a Federal Government Agency and a leading Hospitality Company in Nigeria.  We have represented one of the largest hotel owners in Nigeria in arbitration before the Paris Bar Arbitral Panel and are currently representing clients before an ad-hoc arbitral panel in Lagos, including the recently concluded arbitration involving a Federal Government Aviation Parastatal.


In addition, CFS is experienced in advocacy at the various High Courts, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. This area of our practice is particularly well regarded and accomplished in banking, commercial and intellectual property matters. Members of our litigation team have various and extensive litigation experience. Our Principal Partner has practiced with three Senior Advocates, including Chief F.R.A. Williams in whose Chambers she practiced for some ten years and cut her teeth in advocacy.


In addition, we also represent clients before tribunals, commissions of inquiries, etc. Our advocates possess a comprehensive support system designed to provide the best platter upon which a strong case could be built. A member of our team has dedicated his practice career to ensuring that this support system functions as desired.


Only recently the firm was able to enter into a successful plea bargain with the Lagos State Government and the Attorney General’s office in a matter involving a leading Nigerian Bank on high profile issues of quasi – criminal nature and involving corporate responsibility and company’s policy formulation of the said Bank.