Matters affecting the environment have recently gained a significant prominence in the world’s polity. This could be measured from the inclusion of the protection of the biophysical environment into the Constitution; and the promotion of social justice in its management.


CFS is one of the pioneer law firms in the practice of Environmental Law in Nigeria.  A member of our practice was a member of a three man advisory body established by the Ministry of Environment in 1999 to advice on Environmental Legislation in Nigeria.  He was also invited by the International Bar Association to present a paper at the International Bar Association Conference held in Nairobi in March 2001 on Direct Foreign Investment and Sustainable Growth of Nigeria’s Economy.  Another member was also invited and indeed presented a paper on Environmental Safety, Health Regulation and the Enhancement of Foreign Investment and Sustainable Growth of Nigeria’s Economy at the International Bar Association Conference held in Cancun, Mexico in October 2001.  We have advised several companies in the Oil and Industrial Cleaning industries on matters of oil and industrial pollution. We participate in Environment Audit and Due Diligence in respect of properties including operation sites of major oil producing companies in Niger Delta Region.

We also proffer opinions on Environmental matters to the Bureau of Public Enterprises and prospective investors in Federal Government enterprises being privatized by the Bureau.  We have acted for clients in respect of claims for environmental damages against them arising from industrial, oil and mining pollution.


We were recently briefed by some Communities in Lagos State to act for them in respect of their claims against a major oil producing company arising from an oil spill, as well as the South – South area of Nigeria.


A member of CFS is the Editor of the Lagos Environment, a publication of the Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency. The same is also the writer of the ‘Going green Column’ of This Day Law wherein she educates on the need to maintain healthy environment, assuring a healthy living condition. She also educates and comments on existing laws by so doing.