Senior members of our practice commenced their legal careers in the public sector prior to private practice.   Since then they have held at various times, public offices, State and Federal.  Their personal knowledge of the workings of government and the various regulatory agencies, the combined pool of in-house experience garnered over the years from a history of similar transactions, coupled with the considerable good will and reputation nurtured and sustained over the years enable us provide clients with efficient and cost effective services in an expeditious manner in this are of practice where personal contact and goodwill at various levels of the system are essential attributes.


We have extensive and varied experience in industrial and investment promotion.  A member of the practice was the Sole Draftsman or actively participated in the drafting of several of the major subsisting laws on investment and export promotion, enacted within the past 15 years in Nigeria.


We structure joint ventures between foreign and Nigerian entities as well as assist and guide investors and their lawyers, seeking to disinvest from Nigerian ventures.


We advise and guide investors and their professional advisers, foreign and local, on the regulatory regime for doing business in Nigeria and advice on compliance procedures and practices.  We also file, process and obtain requisite licences, permits and authorizations for clients; represent them at regulatory proceedings; public agencies, Federal, State and Local Government; and act as liaison at these agencies.


We also advise and assist Foreign Missions, Trade Groups and NGO’s in their relationships with public agencies and other aspects of their operations.


Key members of our practice were trained in the Legal Departments of some of the most active banks in the capital and money markets.  We attend and actively participate in relevant seminars and workshops, locally and internationally in order to ensure that we continue to be up to date, innovative and versatile.  We therefore have the added advantage of an extensive precedent base.


We also offer ancillary services such as company secretarial and nominee services.


Tax considerations often affect and may even inform the structure and the form of a transaction.  We pay particular attention to the tax implications of transaction documents so as to enable our clients make substantial savings from excessive tax obligations through recourse to applicable provisions of the law.  We recently secured very substantial savings on Stamp Duty payable in respect of a financing package with cross border elements.  A senior member of our practice served on the Lagos State Revenue Advisory Committee. His advice on tax efficient structures designed to meet the commercial aims of clients are sought by many practitioners especially in the area of Stamp Duties.  Apart from advisory services we have also been involved in the representation of clients in tax matters before the Federal and State High Courts, as well as the various Revenue and other tax gathering tribunals set up at the State and Local Government levels.  Our major response has been in our efforts to persuade these Judicial and quasi-Judicial bodies that they have little or no jurisdiction in respect of taxation of companies and other persons subject to Federal Tax Laws.  We have achieved some measure of success in respect of the latter.