Increasing trans-border economic activities and the rapid spread of information technology has made the global village a reality. The challenge therefore, is to strike a balance between the right to economic activities and the protection of intellectual property rights; and this is a constant potential area of conflict.


Primarily, our aim is to make provision for an efficient service with a competitive end with intellectual property rights, popularly, trade marks, patents and registered designs.

A member of our team was a one time Assistant Registrar of Trade Marks. His knowledge of the workings of the Trade Marks Registry coupled with the in-house expertise in this area of practice account for our leading position in the area of intellectual and industrial property practice in Nigeria which encompasses the following: –

  • Patent, trademark litigation and unfair competition
  • Licensing, promotion and execution of licensing projects.
  • Filing applications and providing services, including consultation                                                                                                                   and management and protection, for domestic and overseas patents, trademarks and copyrights.
  • Dealing with official actions such as lodging amendments, searches and litigation opposition, invalidation cancellation and compulsory licensing proceedings.
  • Administrative appeals and proceedings
  • Legal opinions on patent and trademark validity
  • Annuity management.


With the rapid increase in trade in services and global competition, we anticipate continued growth in this area of practice in respect of which one of our team is the retained counsel to the largest manufacturer of spirits in Nigeria and we act for several food processing and pharmaceutical concerns.  We also represent several law firms based in South Africa, Asia and the UK in intellectual property matters.

Very recently, a member of our firm was the solicitor actively involved in the rebranding of a listed Sugar, Rice and Cement Company Conglomerate.


Also the said member was involved in the international patenting of one of Nigerian leading Banks products in Nigeria, USA, UK and other European Jurisdictions.